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MD. Industries — international web platform which is to help contract manufacturers and customers in the field of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU) and China find each other for collaboration in projects of contract manufacturing, overcome language barriers in communication
Contract manufacturing (the customer, the owner of the trademark) supposes bringing production by one company in the power of another company (the manufacturer) adherence to specification and quality control.

This model is beneficial for the customer, because there is no need to purchase the necessary equipment, maintain it and hire staff. In this case the customer has got more time for promotion and sale of its products, outsourcing production to authorised companies. This allows to reduce the time of launching to the serial production of new products where the cost of the finished products reduces because of increasing efficiency the finished product

Collaboration on model of contract manufacturing is beneficial for the manufacturer too. Because the manufacturer full felling such orders provides loading of their capacity, avoiding the downtime and high costs of maintaining it. Due to this the manufacturer concentrate on solving production problems, without considering the distribution of manufactured goods. The manufacturer gets the opportunity to get acquainted with advanced technologies of its clients and always be aware of the latest industry trends.

MD. Industries helps the customer and contract manufacturer to identify each other on the international web platforms

  1. Contract manufacturers provide the information about the type of production and vacant capacities, as well as offer their conditions for cooperation.
  2. Customers and brand owners place orders for manufacturing of products.
  3. Operators of related services (labeling, certification, package design, transportation, customs services, etc.) post information about their capacities.
  4. The parties agree to cooperate and start joint work

MD. Industries supports the initiative of the Eurasian economic integration, which ensured by the free movement of goods, services, finance and labour. The service is available to business owners from countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU): Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan

The entrepreneurs of these countries have the opportunity to enjoy the economic benefits of the joint market including:

  • unified customs duties and the General conditions of certification;
  • increase in production and sales, by expanding markets;
  • reducing the time expenditures at the border through simplified movement of goods;
  • reducing transportation costs of raw materials and finished products due to more favorable conditions of access to transport infrastructure (important for entrepreneurs in countries without access to sea ports);
  • simultaneous access to the markets of five countries(EAEU), etc.
The service is also available to companies from China. This country is a leader in contract manufacturing in many industries and is already show great interest in the EAEU markets.

The functionality of MD.Industries

If you are a manufacturer

  • post information about production and working conditions in the format of contract manufacturing;
  • inform about the availability of production capacity;
  • publish information about important events in production
  • find potential clients interested in third-party manufacturing;
  • get up date information about new orders in the field;
  • send information about much promising orders to business partners

If you are a customer

  • place your orders with the aim of finding manufacturers;
  • find direct manufacturers according to the required parameters;
  • get update information about the appearance the new manufacturers on the platform;
  • send information about the future manufacturer to business partners.

If you are additional provider

(labeling, certification, packaging design, adaptation of product, transportation, customs services, etc.)…
  • post information about services, terms of cooperation and benefits;
  • find potential customers;
  • get update information about the appearance new orders on the platform;
  • send information about the future manufacturer or order to business partners

Check out payment features that will allow you to interact with users of the platform more effectively, and make your work more efficient.

In the near future we will connect the information block with information about the
special aspects of making business (including the format of contract manufacturing) in each of the countries of the EAEU and China. We will also post information about the benefits of collaboration in the countries of the EAEU, the existing barriers and restrictions in the markets of the EAEU and the dynamics of their removal

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